Raspberry + Beet Chia Seed Pudding

Sometimes I see ingredients at the Co-op and my mind goes in a thousand directions with ideas for something to do with them. Other times, it goes straight to one idea… and I run with it. When I saw these edible flowers at my local Co-op I knew right away I wanted to make a […]

August 19, 2015|

Veggie Nori Wraps

This is the best quick healthy lunch. It is so simple and very fast to pull together. It packs very well for picnics, a road trip or for work. It is vegan, gluten-free, rice-free and nut-free. These have been on repeat this summer, we love to make these very spicy and experiment with different hot […]

August 14, 2015|

His & Hers Summer Cocktails

One of my favorite places that we visited in Denver Colorado was, Root Down. Root Down is this incredible restaurant in the Highland/ LoHi neighborhood. (Locals, bear with me) I will talk more about our experience there in a future post recapping our entire trip! But for now, these drinks! We had these drinks at […]

July 31, 2015|

Seed Muesli with Spirulina Milk and Blueberries

Not sure if it was a rut, or that I took too much on in July… either way, things are looking up over here again and I have caught the blogging bug. I am so excited to share with you this easy, fast and delicious naturally gluten-free, nut-free and vegan muesli recipe. I have been […]

July 28, 2015|

Two Salads with Salad Girl

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite go-to products, Salad Girl Organic Dressings. The closest thing to homemade organic dressing are these amazingly delicious salad dressings made by the local Minneapolis company. They pride themselves on making “fresh organic dressings for fresh organic greens”. They were the first certified organic […]

June 30, 2015|

Graham’s Blueberry + Banana Green Smoothie

This is one of our favorite smoothies lately, we seem to just keep making it and making it. This is great for busy weekday mornings. It can even be taken on the go with you. All you have to do is put all of these wonderful ingredients into a blender, blend it up and enjoy! […]

June 29, 2015|

Blue-Green Spirulina Milk

At first look you might say, “this girl is crazy… blue-green milk?” I know, I know… but that is just at first. Drinking a vegan “blue-green milk” may sound off putting or if that didn’t off put you, maybe the idea of drinking algae? You have to trust me on this one, your body will […]

June 23, 2015|

Superfood Energy Bars

I leave for the boundary waters (BWCAW) tomorrow morning. I have been anxiously awaiting this day… nervous as can be. I am camping for the first time, well kind of… I have camped before, but it didn’t last very long. Wish me luck this week while I am out of my element, challenging myself to […]

June 17, 2015|

Tarragon, Pea + Lemon Quinoa Salad

There is just something special about a simple, delicious, easy lunch. On a busy day or evening when there is just hardly any time to even think about what you are hungry for, yeah you know, that day… you will have this awesome salad ready to go.

One of my new favorite herbs right now […]

June 12, 2015|

Buckwheat Flatbread Pizza with Asparagus and Fennel Spread

Asparagus, amazes me. I love it for its uniqueness, its boldness to be different, stand out as a beauty unlike any other plant. It has been coveted for almost 2000 years as a luxurious vegetable. Prized for its succulent unique taste and tender, snappy texture. In India and the Himalayas, asparagus was originally used in […]

June 8, 2015|