Giveaway! Makers Profile: Worker B

Beautifully fragrant, floral and sweet… beeswax. It was like every beeswax candle lover’s dream. Worker B’s studio was like stepping in to a beeswax heaven. The smell is not over powering, it has subtle hints of a beautiful clover patch, beautiful florals and of course natural wax. They could hardly get me to leave, I […]

September 11, 2015|

I Stopped Wearing Makeup For 30 Days. This Is What Happened.

As each one of my expensive, designer, department store makeup products runs out I have been slowly finding more mindful, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The journey, has been interesting and well, not easy. With this new trend of natural beauty, there are lots of great options at our finger tips. This world of beauty […]

August 3, 2015|

Natural Beauty // Argan + Chlorella Facial Scrub

It might seem kind of bizarre to gather dried flowers, clay, oil and algae and blend it up and turn it into a facial scrub. Even me, a few years ago if you were to tell me that my bathroom cabinet would look more like a kitchen shelf, I would have laughed. If you think […]

June 6, 2015|

Natural Beauty // Products I Love

Natural beauty is something that I have been working on very recently. I have always been so passionate about what I am putting into my body, I never questioned what I was putting onto my body. Which sounds ridiculous saying out loud. I have to admit that now I am totally smitten and obsessed with […]

April 24, 2015|

In my shopping cart…

Hint, hint Graham… my Birthday is coming up this month and all of these totally luxurious goodies would make my heart melt.

Tivoli Audio┬« Model One┬« Radio // I have been eyeing up this beautiful radio for a few years now down the street at one of my favorite local shops called Forage Modern Workshop. It […]

April 15, 2015|

You don’t know everything // Lavender & rose hip body polish

“To know is to know you know nothing.” -Confucius

One tea cup can not hold all of the contents of your kettle. Similarly, your mind is not able to understand or perceive of all of the bits of you or this world. Our minds are actually the ones that get in the way, they hold us […]

February 5, 2015|

A Night In // Whiskey & Sweet Orange Cocktail

For a beautifully romantic or self care evening filled with love, here are some of my choices of extra special bits for this year’s love day. Including an easy to make cocktail to treat yourself to. It is my favorite go to whiskey cocktail, if it is too strong, add a splash of cold water.

1/ […]

January 26, 2015|

Coffee Scrub // A Homemade Gift

Known to be a procrastinator during the holidays, I made it a point to organize a homemade gift idea that I could share with all the ladies in my life. This recipe was inspired by the amazing, Frank Body Scrub made in Australia. I had been using this scrub and have seen significant changes in […]

December 1, 2014|

In my golf cart…

Graham has been teaching me how to golf! We have a regular ritual of going to the indoor golf dome and have been practicing for our trips to Arizona, Las Vegas and Palm Springs. I’ve learned quickly in golf if you can’t talk the talk, well you better at least walk the walk. Here are […]

April 3, 2014|