I Stopped Wearing Makeup For 30 Days. This Is What Happened.

As each one of my expensive, designer, department store makeup products runs out I have been slowly finding more mindful, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The journey, has been interesting and well, not easy. With this new trend of natural beauty, there are lots of great options at our finger tips. This world of beauty can still be a bit confusing.. is it marketing? how do I know what is best for my skin? Maybe this idea was born out of laziness… maybe it was born out of confusion… maybe it was because it felt rebellious and freeing! But either way it is true, I did not wear makeup for 30 days and lived to tell my story.

When I was in college, I slathered on a smokey eye before my eight-AM class. When I was a swimmer, I swore by waterproof eye liner and mascara, afraid to show my lashes in the nude. I spent more time doing my hair and makeup then …well, pretty much anything. I loved the art form of what makeup is. It made me feel powerful, beautiful and “put-together.” Days where I did not feel, “put-together” on the inside… I would at least have to look “put-together” on the outside.

In our society we have embraced the idea of a “cleanse”. Maybe when I say cleanse you think, juice cleanse? Maybe you have jumped on the bandwagon that our bodies need rest, a break… just as much as we need a vacation from our jobs… so does our body. Well, what about your skin? Your skin is your largest organ and well simply does a lot of work for you and deserves some rest and time to breathe. I am by no means a dermatologist or a professional at this, I am just speaking from my experience.

Our skin is also really great at communicating to us how our body is doing. “Skin conditions” or other “imperfections” are all just signs that there is an imbalance going on inside our body or something you are putting on to your skin needs to be addressed. Our skin is giving us clues on what we need to pay attention to. With all of the toxins our absorbent skin is exposed to on a daily basis it is often times very difficult to know what is really going on.

In an effort to give my skin a break and get to know what my skin has been trying to communicate to me, I stopped wearing makeup for 30 days and did these things instead.

I Stopped Wearing Makeup For 30 days. This Is What Happened.

1. Scrubbed down with Frank Coconut Coffee Body Scrub and Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
2. Dry Brushed Daily Mio Skincare, Natural Dry Body Brush
3. Moisturized with Evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Serum, Rose
4. One daily shot of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
5. Spirulina daily, either in my morning smoothie or I made my Spirulina milk recipe

I have not felt better. I have embraced this idea of that makeup by no means needs to be a daily ritual. You are very much “put-together” just the way you are. Yes, it was hard at first and I had days where I did not feel beautiful.. Did that go away? Yes. Now, when I wear makeup I can actually feel it on my skin and have chosen an option that is lighter and I tend to put less makeup in general on. Even now I will go days without wearing any, maybe just a dash of mascara.

Under all of that makeup is perfect, beautiful skin just waiting to be uncovered and be free.